What is Colored Brain™

What is Colored Brain™

The CBCI™ is a tool that identifies an individual’s genetic Ambiguity Relief brain processing inclusive of additional learned flexibility, action sequences, and areas where one may have difficulty in communicating with others. It is administered by a licensed facilitator that “directs” participants to a foundational mind-state before proceeding with the inventory.
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Why Colored Brain™

Benefits of
Colored Brain™ 

So Many Psychometric Tools to Choose from! So Why Colored Brain

Colored Brain is Based on NEW Research! While so many psychometric tools are based on research that is 20 to even 70 years old, Colored Brain incorporates the latest research on Neuroplasticity, and the modern understanding the of how neurotransmitter substances work. 

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The CBCI™ Psychometric Profiling

Benefits of Colored Brain Psychometric Profiling to Your Organizational Development

Understanding the genetic communication processes of an individual and the brain flexibility they have developed through their environment and experience, will set the foundation for HR managers and Department heads to maximize productivity of individuals, departments, and the overall organization.

Using the CBCI™ will enable individuals themselves to have a greater understanding of what is required to better perform their jobs, and how to enhance the natural talents in themselves and others.

The CBCI™ Psychometric Profiling

Applications of the CBCI™ Psychometric Profiling

  • Self scoring to ensure prompt application.
  • Easy to complete.
  • Designed to be applied in groups or as an individual.
  • Appropriate for all levels of employees and management.

Understanding person’s colored brain in relationships will help you understand how you are going to get along with each other. 

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Colored Brain™ Psychometric Profiling Results

HR Managers and Department Heads Can Utilize Personal and Staff Colored Brain™ Psychometric Profiling Results to:

  • Know if an applicant will have the right attitude toward a job or team designation.
  • Quantify the leadership potential of prospective candidates.
  • Prevent conflict between team members or employees.
  • Determine an employee’s natural talents and passion to direct their career.
  • Determine communication processes to improve methods of learning new skills.
  • Suitability to take on new responsibilities.
  • Determine an employees brain and need flexibility for lateral progression.
  • Ability to maintain interpersonal relations within a team.
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The Relationships

Colored Brain™ in Relationships

Understanding person’s colored brain in relationships will help you understand how you are going to get along with each other. For example, having the same colored brain in relationship will definitely support better communication, but you are not necessarily going to complement each other. On the other hand, opposite colors will complement each other, but the communication is going to take some extra work.

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Colored Brain™ in Education
The Education

Colored Brain™ in Education

Discovering learning styles in education is a key factor to developing not only the knowledge, but the ability to apply that knowledge. Anybody can memorize anything, but when it comes down to application of knowledge, it’s still a matter of how you interpret it, how you get it.

By knowing the colored brain of people who you are teaching or instructing, or even only by knowing that there are multiple colored brains, you can design curriculum’s in a way that will support all the different styles of learning. Each colored brain will be able to apply the knowledge more effectively and internalize it more effectively.