Features of Colored Brain™ Psychometric Profiling Tool
Features of CBCI™

Features of Colored Brain™ Psychometric Profiling Tool

Become more effective & increase overall productivity

  • Allows you to gain greater effectiveness in working with and influencing others.
  • Provides a platform to Empower individuals to bring out the best in themselves and their colleagues.
  • Offers the opportunity to find out the brain processing and communication breakdown root causes behind average or below average performance in work departments, and how to turn this around.
Work Environment

Have Better Awareness of Your Work Environment

  • Is Not a Personality test but a communication and processing indicator that can immediately optimize the contribution of your talent resources
  • Cultivate speedy resolutions or even prevent conflict
  • Identifies our internal mechanism that communicates with the surrounding environment
Who Uses Colored Brain

Understand How to Effectively Communicate with Others

  • Ability to maintain interpersonal relations within a team
  • Prevent conflict between team members or employees
  • Determine communication processes to improve methods of learning new skills
The Applicant

Know if an Applicant Have the Right Fit in A Job or Team Designation

  • Compatibility with a team leader, immediate supervisor or colleagues
  • Quantify the leadership potential of prospective candidates
  • Determine an employee’s natural talents and passion to direct their career.
  • Suitability to take on new responsibilities
  • Determine an employee’s brain and flexibility for lateral progression
Customized Colored Brain Profiling for Your Organization
Customized The Colored Brain™ 

Customized Colored Brain Profiling for Your Organization

When everyone in your organization knows their own colored brain, can identify the colored brain of others and understand his or her strengths and weaknesses in processing, employees will be able to manage their own expectations and set each other up for success instead of failure. This supports greater success and productivity across the entire company.

To See How We Can Implement Colored Brain in Your Company.