The Internationally Accredited Colored Brain Channel Partner System

Represent the most Diverse and Simple Psychometric “System” on the Planet

Earn 40% - 60% Margins on every test used or sold by Internationally Accredited Colored Brain Practitioners You Certify

Control pricing, Access, and Online Content from your back end or... automate Everything and let it run

Internationally Accredited Methodology, Science based systems and Validated Psychometric Test

The Partner Setup Includes the Colored Brain Practitioner Certification or Upgrade to the Accredited DC Psychology Trainer Certification

What You Get With This Channel Partner System

Customize Sales Page

A Customisable Sales Page With a Prewritten Content of CBCI Sales Page and Videos.

Web Dashboard

A Web Dashboard Installed On Your Website so you and your Users can manage the CBCI Codes.

Optional Free Access

An Optional Free Access for you and your users to the premium DC Online Learning.

CBCI Profit

Maximize Your CBCI Profit by Selling at wholesale with over 30% margin for you.


Create New Opportunities Today

Certified Colored Brain Practitioners

As a Colored Brain Certified Trainer, this Channel Partner System will allow you to do and Certify Colored Brain Practitioners. You can do this with the Premium Colored Bain Online content included, or in a live class. Your Participants can take their test directly with DC for a $50 fee to get their Practitioner Certificate and be listed.

Back End Access

Give back end access to your certified practitoners and earn from their sales. Your system is like the www.agentsofchange.asia system BUT... YOU ARE THE ADMIN and people you train can buy from you. Even better, You Set the Price you want to sell it for. Make $20 per CBCI or $1 ...You are in Control!

Official Logo for Confidence

Use official channel partner logo to give confidence for retail sales. ColoredBrain.com sells between 15 to 300 CBCI per day and you as an official channel partner can now market using the same strategies we do, to build and expand your own market share.

Direct Company Wide Discount

Offer Direct Company Wide Discounts to Clients who buy your training. Give the HR full access to YOUR CBCI system so they can buy discounted codes ANYTIME. Offer special training rates with a minimum purchase on CBCI from your site ...Because this comes from a DIFFERNT BUDGET which means you have flexibility to help HR find ways to Pay You More.


Join Over 600 DC Psychology Internationally Accredited and Licenced Trainer / Consultants Globally and Reap More Benefits.

This is the most comprehensive program for trainers and consultants to add Massive New depth to professional practises in Group Dynamics, L&D, Performance, Influence, and Engagement research consistently updated.

Plus, besides Colored Brain, get access to multiple performance and awareness online and offline tools like the CBC Cards, Management Mirror, Squadli, and the Culture Evolution assessment tool and many more to take you and your clients to the next level. 

Investment Payment

Invest In Your Training Career

6X Monthly Payment Plan


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1X Single Payment


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1X Single Payment


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